Favorite Thinkers


WaitButWhy Story of Us

Tim Urban’s WaitButWhy website is full of good thinking, but the Thinking Ladder and other chapters in the Story of Us is a great read.

The OODA loop of John Boyd

Observe-Orient-Decide-Act. The philosophy developed for aerial combat but extrapolated to all combat, business, and life itself. Contains some of the original ideas around Mental Models.

Goals vs. Systems

An idea that was used by UCLA Basketball coach John Wooden, amongst others, to suceed by creating a system for making progress every day.

Make today a Masterpiece

John Wooden tells the tail that his father said this to him every day. I say it to my kids every day. It kinda bugs them, but they’ll never forget it…


James Clear’s Atomic Habits

We are creatures of habit. Good habits are awesome, they move us upward. Bad habits suck, they drag us down. Trust me, you want to learn how to create habits, and master the process. This book is for you.

The lost tools of learning by Dorothy Sayers

Interesting view from a contemporary of C. S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein on how learning and education has changed over the centuries, and it’s a turn for the worst. This essay was written in 1947, and it hasn’t gotten any better.

Creativity and Writing 

Guy Ritchie “You Must Be The Master of Your Own Kingdom

Storytelling always comes back to the Hero’s Journey. Guy Ritchie talks with Joe Rogan about the Prodigal Son. Yes, there’s some potty language…

The ultimate Guide to Writing Online by Dave Perell

Great Inspiration. If it weren’t for Dave Perell’s advice, you would not be reading this now.


Computer Vision PyImage Search

Nicely done tutorials.

Deep Learning in Production

More here than I’ve had time to explore.